Fearless Female Traveler

Creating Life and Business around the Globe

a collection
written by
30 Trailblazing Women



You are invited to join a magical collaboration that inspires women to dream big,
embody their feminine spirit and embrace the wonderful world of wanderlust.


You have the opportunity to expand your following, sky rocket your business
and co-create with a posse of feminine trailblazers.


Become a LEADER in the expansion of the
Global Female Nomad Movement and
transform stardust into living dreams, ideas into prosperous creations
and women into financially successful wanderlusters!

The Experience


What if you could share your experiences and wisdom to inspire other women to discover their courage and become independent – to actualize their dreams of world travel, adventure and thriving business success?

Would you be willing to share your vulnerabilities – and how you transformed those into chutzpah and moxie – so that more women could realize how simple it is to discover their passion and share it with the world?

What if more women could understand that they can change their lives into anything and and everything they desire?

TRAVELING THE WORLD create for the earth as a whole?

     * * * * * * * * *

In 2014 I had a remarkable experience collaborating with female authors on a book anthology.

We supported each other in discovering and sharing our unique wisdom, gifts and abilities.

We all became international best selling authors.  Our businesses expanded when people chose to work with us because of our distinguished expertise.

I realized when like hearted women join together they can move mountains, inspire many lives and change the world. I would love to share this experience with you.

Would you like to join us?

What could being a contributing author to

Fearless Female Traveler: Creating Life and Business Around the Globe

create for you, your life and your biz?

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I am an energy transformation virtuoso and intuitive business consultant.
For over a decade I have trained and facilitated people worldwide to become conscious of their spiritual nature, cultivate their intuition and embody their unique magic. Now, I help conscious biz owners market their gifts in the online world.

I dance with many creative muses that never stop inspiring me to embark on new ventures.
I am an international best selling author who launched the Elegance of Conscious Living Online Summit Series and interviewed consciousness experts from all over the world.

I am a female digital nomad dedicated to creating a world-wide, conscious sisterhood, empowering women to become thriving successes, live the life of their dreams and satiate their wanderlust.


Would you like to gain international notoriety and become incredibly visible?

Becoming a Best Selling Author Opens Doors!
People pay attention when you say: “I am an internationally published author: the book I wrote in became a #1 Best Seller.”

Check out the WIN WIN:
1) You will be able to receive a portion of book royalties.
2) You will be interviewed and televised online by a seasoned summit hostess which will build your following worldwide.
3) You will be able to offer a free gift to summit attendees which will build your list.
4) You will be able to generate more money by receiving 50% for every person on your list that purchases the Fearless Female Traveler Summit Package Recordings

Fearless Female Traveler could be a lucrative lead magnet: you could recover your book investment $$ completely and even make $$$$. Let’s not forget what you could create with the newbie, digital gypsy fledglings who sign up to the summit.

How We Will Collaborate

***I will hire a team of professionals to ensure a 5 Star experience from the beginning to end. Along with me, we will:

1) ensure free-flowing communication with you

2) design and provide all the online marketing materials for you

3) organize and run the Best Seller campaign with you. (You are expected to email your list and promote the book, launch and summit on social media)

4) design a professional book cover and product branding

5) work with a professional editor to ensure that the voice of each author is well represented and is loud and proud (this point is very important for me – each chapter will be an authentic reflection of your heart, mind and soul) and lastly:

6) create a Private Facebook Group to facilitate relationships, bonding, trust, and communication. This will serve as a trampoline for further collaborative work between the participants.

***My team of pros from my previous digi-summits is on stand by.
However, I would love to support female digital nomads
that are part of this project as much as I can.
So let me know what you are a pro at and
if you would like to be part of The Team of Professionals!

Don't Miss Your Chance at Becoming a Best Selling Author and Launching your Biz to the Moon!

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